Low Voltage Thin Layer Electrophoresis of Anions on Silica Gel-G And Titanium (IV) Tungstate Layers

  • S.D. Sharma School of Sciences, IFTM University, Moradabad (U.P.)
  • Mridul Gupta J.S. Hindu Degree College, Amroha, J.P. Nagar (U.P.)
Keywords: Elecrophoresis, O. A-Oxalic acid, T.A–Tartaric acid, C.A–Citric acid lyotropic number(N)


The low voltage thin layer electrophoresis of anions has been studied on Silica Gel-G and titanium (iv) tungstate layers in in v arious complexing acid media such as Oxalic acid (O.A), Citric acid(C.A), Tartaric acid (T.A) and Succinic acid (S.A).The electrophoretic migration of anions also correlated with lyotropic number, N. The Spots are well defined in electrophoresis.


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S.D. Sharma, & Mridul Gupta. (2015). Low Voltage Thin Layer Electrophoresis of Anions on Silica Gel-G And Titanium (IV) Tungstate Layers. Journal of Chemistry, Environmental Sciences and Its Applications, 2(1), 59-72. https://doi.org/10.15415/jce.2015.21004