Cognitive Shift in Attitude towards Nature: In reference to COVID 19 Pandemic


  • Varsha Sharma Department of Psychology, Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur, Rajasthan-313001, India



Attitude Change, Cognitive Dissonance, COVID 19


Background: Mother Nature cares for every creature on this earth but in return we failed to show gratitude and care for our beloved Mother Nature.
The Phenomenon: As a consequence our Mother Earth strikes back in the form of pandemic like COVID 19. Review of literature indicated that there is a significant change in the all over state of environment during this lockdown period.
Origin of the Problem: This is a time for cognitive shift in our attitudes towards nature. We have to leave the former way of treating ourselves as the highest creature of God and the only eligible one to deserve the benefits of nature but we have to follow the rule of coexistences. We have to reconnect with our environment and protect the Mother Nature.
Purpose: Present paper aims to critically evaluate the issues related to the shift in attitude towards nature during COVID 19 and suggesting psychological strategies for maintaining this changed attitude.
Methodology: An online survey using Google form was done to record the change in attitude towards nature in COVID-19 pandemic.
Results: Findings revealed that CORONA is challenging in many ways but it provides some positive lessons like Connect reconnect with nature, Own to our approach, Respect Mother Nature, Organized planning for nature concerns, New opportunity to revive nature, Assured healthy environment for future.


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