COVID-19 Era: What’s Impact of the Lockdown on India’s Environment?


  • Vikram R. Jadhav Department of Chemistry, K. K. W. Arts, Science and Commerce College, Pimpalgaon, Maharashtra-422209, India
  • J.S. Aher Department of Chemistry, K.T.H.M. College, Nashik, Maharashtra-422002, India
  • A.M. Bhagare Department of Chemistry, K. K. W. Arts, Science and Commerce College, Pimpalgaon, Maharashtra-422209, India
  • A.C. Dhaygude Department of Chemistry, K. K. W. Arts, Science and Commerce College, Pimpalgaon, Maharashtra-422209, India



COVID-19, CPCB, Environment pollution, Lockdown, WHO


Background: The Novel coronavirus (COVID-19), which started in Wuhan (China) during December 2019, has spread to the rest of the world until now (July 2020). COVID-19 infections are more prevalent in developed countries rather than in the fast-developing, and underdeveloped countries. Now novel COVID-19 infection is a global health problem. In a fast-developing country like India, the incidence of coronavirus infections is increasing day by day. The fifth phase of lockdown has started in India to reduce the incidence of infection.
Purpose: The purpose of this study of the impact of lockdown on the India’s environment, according to the literature survey from various research papers, news, social networking, government data (websites), etc., indicates that the lockdown helping to reduce transit in India and at the same time has a great impact on reduced pollution such as air pollution, water pollution, land pollution, etc., thus improving the balance of the environment after March 2020 onwards.
Methods: In this work, we have used an online method using various online sources, which has mainly surveyed some important cities in India, have also studied the factors such as air pollution, river pollution, land pollution, etc. and its impact on Indian environment.
Results: According to an online survey, lockdown has had a significant impact on the Indian environment, reducing the number of vehicles on the road that improving air quality, reducing river pollution, and having a positive impact on various fields. Lockdown has been very beneficial to the environment.
Conclusions: The observations from various parts of the sources show that reduced pollution has also reduced the number of patients in hospitals, mainly jaundice (yellow fever), chikungunya, typhoid, respiratory diseases, etc. This review article explains the brief analysis of the impact of COVID-19 lockdown on India’s environment.


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