J. Chem. En. Sci. A.


Message from the Chancellor

The saga of Chitkara institutions that began in 1998 has reached a momentous stage with Chitkara University, Punjab and Chitkara University, Himachal Pradesh becoming fully operational and carving out their respective niches. The launch of Journal of Chemistry, Environmental Sciences and its Applications (J. Chem. En. Sci. A.) is yet another milestone in our quest for excellence. Our aim is to encourage consistently high quality research on innovative themes in different domains of chemistry like Catalysis, Sustainable Energy Chemistry, Advanced functional materials, Synthesis, Interfacial Science etc. Chitkara University being a comprehensive university would also endeavor to encourage a multi-disciplinary approach by providing opportunities to share knowledge related to interface with biology and medicine, environmental science and pharmaceuticals. The Journal will bring together academics and practitioners through its publications to give a boost to the research activities in various domains. I would like to congratulate the members of the Advisory and the Editorial Boards for their painstaking efforts that have helped in letting the irst issue see the light of the day. Given their commitment, I am certain, that very soon JCE would ind its place of pride amongst the academic fraternity.
Dr. Ashok K Chitkara
Chitkara University, Punjab
Chitkara University,Himachal Pradesh

Message from the Vice-Chancellor

Every organization during its journey in quest of excellence reaches a deining stage that opens up vistas for exploration and innovation, which help it to achieve its objectives. Launch of Journal of Chemistry, Environmental Sciences and its Applications (J. Chem. En. Sci. A.) is one such event in the short but momentous history of Chitkara University. It is a signal that the University has come of age and recognizes its efforts in establishing a research culture amongst its students and faculty. In an ever shrinking globe no university can help to lourish without entering in to collaborations with other organizations having similar interests. Thus, in the itness of things the effort to transcend national and international boundaries and invite scientists from different countries to share their knowledge, expertise and research-indings is a step in the right direction. The Editorial Board under the guidance of the Advisory Board, despite the constraints of time, has done stupendous work by bringing out the irst issue that is so rich in contents. I compliment peful that the them for their sustained and diligent efforts and am ho future issues would carry on with our tradition of lifelong learning and continuous improvement.
Dr. Madhu Chitkara
Chitkara University, Punjab

Message from the Editor

It is my proud privilege to present in your hands the inaugural issue of Journal of Chemistry, Environmental Sciences and its Applications (J. Chem. En. Sci. A.). The aim of Journal of Chemistry, Environmental Sciences and its Applications (J. Chem. En. Sci. A.) is to provide a platform to scientists and academicians all over the world to publish comprehensive, reliable and critical reviews of important contemporary research in organic, inorganic, physical, analytical, industrial, theoretical, polymer, synthetic chemistry, nanochemistry and environmental chemistry. The journal also welcomes publications in interdisciplinary research related to chemistry. I would like to thank all the members of the editorial board for accepting the invitation to join the team and look forward for their cooperation. I also thank the entire JCE team who helped us in making JCE possible.
Prof (Dr) Jyotsna Kaushal
Journal of Chemistry, Environmental Sciences and its Applications
Dy. Dean, School of Applied Sciences
Chitkara University, Punjab