H2 - Y2 Reactions (Y = Cl, Br, I): A Comparative and Mechanistic Aspect

  • Suresh Kumar Sharma Department of Chemistry, D. A. V. College, Abohar – 152116, Punjab, India
Keywords: Reaction, Hydrogen-Chlorine, Hydrogen-Bromine, Hydrogen-Iodine, Chain-terminating


The reaction between hydrogen and chlorine shows resemblance to that between hydrogen and bromine but is considerably more complicated, owing to the larger number of elementary processes that play a significant part in it. The reaction scheme proposed for the hydrogen-chlorine reaction differs in several important respects from that for the hydrogen-bromine reaction. The main differences are seen to be (1) the inclusion of the reaction H + HBr → H2 + Br and the exclusion of H + HCl → H2 + Cl, and (2) the different chain-terminating steps, Br + Br → Br2 being assumed for bromine and the three processes H + O2, Cl + O2, and Cl + X in the chlorine reaction. The rather marked difference between the reactions of chlorine, bromine, and iodine with hydrogen is that the hydrogen-iodine reaction is elementary while the others are not.


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